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More Vox8 concerts coming up....

Here is a selection of audience comments from our previous Good Friday concert in Bath:

A truly magical performance! It has MADE my Easter! Congratulations Vox8!

It was a beautiful concert. Well done!

I was stunned (in a good way) by the musical setting of The Solemn Reproaches. (Solemn Reproaches, yes, v. familiar, but set to music like this, WOW!). Difficult for you + your v. talented group to vie with other musical offerings in Bath.
Many thanks to you + Vox8 for sharing this programme with us on Good Friday.
Enriching for us all.

... another fab concert by Vox8 in Bath last night. Gorgeous programme, enchanted audience. Well done. (Decent refreshments after!)

I want to say how very much I admired and enjoyed your performance last night.